Name: Judy

Title- Goddess of Metal/ Secretary

-Born 09/04/1976

-Lives in Camden, NY

-Day Job: Mom

-Brings a female prospective to our team. Has lots of experience and is one of the many "sensitive" members of our group.

-Does majority of our booking. Who you gonna call? Judy!

-Enjoys reading, movies, Seahawks football, spending time with her husband and children, and rocking out when not ghost hunting.

Name: Rob

Title- Spiritualist/ World Champ

-Born 05/06/1983

-Former owner and manager of Saranac Lake Area Paranormal

-Lives in Tupper Lake, NY. Is quick to point out he is the one member of Adirondack Society for Paranormal Research that actually lives in the Adirondacks

-Day Job: Hospitality/ Environmental Services Technician

-Enjoys reading, movies, pro wrestling, music, and spending time with his wife when not ghost hunting.

-Manages the twitter account

Name: Ryan

Title- Fearless/ Fearfull Leader

-Born 04/16/1981

-Original Member, Founder of ASFPR

-Lives in Bernhards Bay, NY

-Normal Job: Life Insurance/ Customer Service

-Enjoys fishing, sports, playing pitch, and rock 'n roll when not ghost hunting

-Runs the facebook page and this website. Manages and orders swag, makes t shirts, all around cool guy!


Name: Derick

Title- Ghost Magnet/ Tough Guy

-Born 01/08/1980

-Lives in Port Leyden, NY

-Day Job: Machinist, former plumber

- Enjoys sports, music, riding his motorcycle, the outdoors, and spending time with his wife and children when not ghost hunting

-May be the most inexperienced member of our team to date but don't let that fool you. He brings a keen sensitivity to spirits and a no fear, balls to the wall attitude to round out group. His claim to fame so far, a two inch gash on his back from an encounter with a demon in his first investigation.

Name: Dave

Title- Electrical Technician/ Conspiracy Theorist

-Born 08/18/1979

-Original Member

-Lives in Boonville, NY

-Day Job: Electrician/ Foreman

-Enjoys sports, UFC, playing poker, astronomy, concerts, and spending time with his wife and kids when not ghost hunting

-Brings a unique perspective to each investigation and is always willing to go the extra mile. Can be found at Capri Pizzeria most likely when the rest of us are ready to begin our hunt.