We welcome interested people who want to experience everything to join us on an investigation sometime. We are 100% not for profit and shy away from doing "Ghost Tours" and the like where places ask us to have a big group of people join us to investigate a building or area. One reason for this is the more people you have in one spot, the less likely it is that you will find anything, in our opinion.  Another is that normally when businesses do things like this they want everyone to pay a fee, and we feel this is wrong.  If we do a "lecture" it will be for free. What you choose to spend your hard earned money on is your choice. Not asking you to take part in anything that requires you to do that, is ours.

We are located in upstate/ northern NY. Centralized in the Boonville area, however, we have members in Boonville, Ava, Rome, and Tupper Lake, NY.  We are more than willing to travel to help someone in need. At this time, our group consists of 5 dedicated members. We are in the process of trying out new people regularly and may add a couple more in the future. No job is too big or two small. 

The Adirondack Association For Paranormal Research:

Established in 2010-

We are an organization made up of a group of buddies in upstate NY with a belief in the Supernatural and the love of helping people in need. We have spent a good portion of our lives studying and researching and have decided to put our experience to good use. We respect peoples privacy and are discrete. Our purpose is to debunk the possibility of a haunting, and if all else fails, to validate. We are a respectable organization who will NEVER charge you for our services. Although we would welcome any gratuities if we provide a job well done, This is our hobby and comes out of our pocket. The purpose of our group is to help people, not to take advantage. In our opinion you cannot rightfully charge people for something that although can be supported, cannot be proven.

About Us-